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Looking for answers?

What plan is right for you?

Thank you for considering PIVOT Integrative Consulting, LLC. 


Individual consultations are available for a variety of wellness options including Comprehensive Lab Reviews, Medication Therapy Management and Vitamin, Mineral and Supplement Recommendations. You can also take a deeper look into your health with our Deep Dive Consultation.

Please contact me to schedule a free Connection Call so we can get to know each other and choose the right plan for you. I look forward to connecting with you!

Dr. Amy Knaperek, PharmD

Founder and CEO of PIVOT Integrative Consulting, LLC

Wild Mushrooms
  • Let's get to know each other with a FREE connection call!

    15 min
  • Do you have lab work results and you don't understand what they mean?

    30 min
    79 US dollars
  • A comprehensive review of current medications, vitamins & supplements.

    1 hr
    99 US dollars
  • Comprehensive Lifestyle Medicine Consultation

    2 hr
    249 US dollars
  • Phone or Zoom consultation to follow-up on labs & recommendations.

    1 hr
    99 US dollars
  • A scheduled check-in call to keep you on track!

    30 min
    49 US dollars
  • 15 minute urgent or check-in call initiated by the client

    15 min
    29 US dollars
  • Consultation to increase clinical revenue and programs.

    1 hr
    120 US dollars
  • Deeper Dive

    Every month
    Lab, medication, and supplement review to take a deeper dive
    Valid for 6 months
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